Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Farscape eps 1-5

I don’t really know why I didn't check out Farscape sooner. It doesn't come with many reviews these days. But when I caught up with Defiance, I needed something else to tide me over. I’ve only watched the first couple, but so far my opinion is favorable. I don’t think there’s a lot of deep plot in the first episodes of any show. The first episode introduced us to the concept that a Human astronaut has been thrown across the universe and falls in with a bunch of escaped prisoners, and an accident introduces our plucky Human to his arch-enemy. The next are comparatively lighter, seeking to show us the characters breadth and how they interact with one another, peeling back only a few layers of history and motivation.

Premiere was pretty good, which any pilot should be. I mean, John is clearly brilliant, piloting a craft of his own design, the best friend and dad both work at NASA, too. But then a freak solar wind (?) makes everything go wrong. The characters are introduced well enough, and the tie-in of their final escape and John’s experiment was very neat. What got me was the extended, awkward conversation between Zhaan and D’argo. Clearly the Fourth Sensation is something sexy and makes D’argo’s mouth go dry. Why they are talking about it now instead of in the food hall or even over a later getting-to-know-you sesh is unclear. Rygel’s promise to help now if John helps later is a puzzle because, yanno, does Rygel actually do anything? He does fart noble gas, though, which aside from being impossible, is funny.

Exodus from Genesis is a typical ‘light’ episode though. We learn a clear difference between Humans and Sebaceans (does anyone think of ‘Sebaceous’?) and John makes another mistake that causes another powerful person to hate him. Dude, seriously? Here are the first glimmerings of attachment between John and Aeryn though. Nice bonding while she’s, ahem, sick. Zhaan is a font of wisdom.

Back and Back and Back to the Future is suitably confusing, and good in that we get a first glimpse at D’argo’s history. His similarities to Worf increase, though. I hope there will be more distinctions as the series progresses. Rygel was the highlight of this episode though. Clearly.

Throne for a Loss was the best so far. It was funny, we learn some quirky stuff about D’argo’s species, everyone got a chance to shine. There was also great bonding between D’argo and Aeryn, I think they would make a fierce team, once they get over their differences. We also got a real look at Zhaan as more than just fast-hands, wise-words. Just a great episode.

PK Tech Girl was one I don’t have much to say about, however. Eh, Aeryn is a boss, Rygel is spitting on everyone, John is macking out with someone and I can’t help but think, he’s pretty and buff. Does he really not have a girlfriend, fiancé or wife at home waiting for him? Thankfully, thank you so much, we finally address John being so far and with improbability of ever returning home. There was a glimmer of response from Aeryn when she realizes that god, he’s lost as much as I have, but I wanted MORE. I also think that I would be so much more freaked out about being gone and never returning than John is, but maybe he cries a lot off camera. Or maybe he’s still pretty detached from it? Like, it hasn’t sunk in yet?

So far this show is pretty good. It’s not Defiance, but it isn’t as clean as Star Trek and is very clearly Sci-Fi which is really all I wanted.

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