Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I don't know much about MOT, aside from the fact that they are considered both Rock and K-Indie. I like them because they have a similar feel to Vienna Teng, my favorite singer-songwriter.
A detailed description of the CDs and a link to the group is below the cut.

They've released 2 studio albums as of this date, and I first bought Vol. 2, which is subtitled as 이상한 계절(Strange Season). I went for the second first, because I was introduced to the song 'Electric' by a K-drama blog titled 'Electric Ground'. The following video was uploaded by the aforementioned website.

this one is blurry...Vol 1, non-linear, was not available from which I bought Vol 2 from a few weeks ago. All the usual korean websites told me that this was not coming back into print. But somehow, Amazon had a copy. I like this duo a lot, and hope their collaboration isn't over. I hope I can discover more about their individual works as well.

Wikipedia has no information about them, but I found a nice little article among the myriad of reviews when I googled them: A Meeting with MOT (fr. London Korean Links).

The layout of both albums is similar. They are tri-folded, with a paper case. They come with a booklet of lyrics and illustrations, sketches, collages, photographs, and thank yous.

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